Placing animation stills into project files for each scene.  It is too hard to edit sequences of stills so I am creating preliminary project files for rendering those stills into unedited video, then a second project for the editing of the video.  Very laborious with 10,000 stills so far.  The organization - or disorganization - of animated sequences can quickly get completely out of hand!

new set

I now have a new set for the Metaphysical Laboratory.  There is a robot there.  I haven't gotten any animation on it done yet though.  It takes more energy than I've had the last few days.

ALthyria 2nd cut pt 2

Still need to do some more work on trimming this 2nd cut which, with no dialogue, is going to be very different.  


There are three approaches besides the normal dialogue version which I do not like at least right now:


1) No dialogue at all

2) No dialogue except for the dialogues between the two identical twins and monologues by the main character 

3) Silent movie style with title cards for actual dialogue scenes.


The last seems a bit odd and anachronistic though that could be an appeal I suppose.  The first  may simply be too incomprehensible concerning exactly what is going on, but the film is already deliberately subtle and psychological and bordering on incomprehensible at times so that is not necessarily a problem.  The 2nd I am finding appealing as it allows more continuity and comprehension of the plot, but maintains an inward quality hearing the character's thoughts, the character talking to her double, etc.    

Althyria 2nd cut

Completed the rough cut of a 2nd version of Althyria which has no dialogue at all.  It needs to be evaluated still, and may have some more visual elements added and changed.    

Set construction

This is the set i have been working with - it is a "Metaphysical Study Room" in which various activities the Metaphysician and Assistant are engaged in take place.  These involve examining and tallying the indeterminate objects that have calcified and are stored in the cubbyholes as well as some old books and rocks. 


Soon this set will be struck because there is no room to keep it and "The Laboratory" will be set up, for which I already have the machinery which is all inspired by a combination of Universal Frankenstein labs and Gerry Anderson puppet show machinery.  Also whatever I could cobble together using my old electrical parts and tubes. 

Greatest artists

Today i was thinking of who are the greatest artists of the 20th century. (21st is who knows?)  De Chirico, Delvaux, Tanguy, Hitchcock and Bergman.  These are simply the ones who have disturbed my consciousness the most.  I know there are so many others who are considered great like Picasso, etc.  But I simply note how -  yes, they are masters, but I have no reaction.  But with De Chirico he blows your mind with the most original artwork of modern times. Delvaux created the most beautiful world  ever conceived that you want to live in. Tanguy makes you wonder endlessly even though you stare and stare at his paintings what are those things and are they alive? Hitichcock never did anything without a reason unlike 99.9% of filmmakers.  Bergman used commercial cinema for his confessional personal art form.   Those guys are beyond any other artists.  Though also Brothers Quay who created a completely unique surreal art style with animation while showing the most perfect mastery of the form since Starewicz who is still the greatest animator of all time though no one today knows of him.  

related idea

That reminds me of John Lennon's famous quote - Life is what happens while you're busy planning something else.  A brilliant observation and probably true of art as well...


Yesterday working on processing the FX for the shots previously done took so long I didn't do any new shooting.  I had planned on that, so that made me think I got nothing done. 

Then I realized - yes, I did, but my concept of getting something done was wrong. This seems to happen a lot.

Boxes 3

Where do these boxes come from? I don't know. Why is a metaphysician so interested in them?  I had scripts from many years ago that featured boxes that are overly significant.  Oddly enough yesterday I received a catalog from Uline which is the major supplier of boxes in the USA.  This is an incredible company that has EVERY BOX MADE and the catalog is beautiful with heavy photo paper and luxuriant illustrations of all the BOXES.

boxes 2

Completed the shooting of the box scene with FX that will be only superimposing the second exposure of light shining through the boxes. 

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