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Shadows of the Soul

by William Kersten

Released 2017
Released 2017
Nocturnes for Orchestra in a melancholy style featuring flutes, harp, strings and wordless voices.
Shadows of the Soul - Nocturnes for Orchestra (2010)

"Shadows of the Soul" is a rich, diverse album, a collection of brilliant melodies executed with precision to yield a mystic, sometimes disturbing poem. As is typically the case with Kersten's music, these various compositions recall images, as though from some forgotten past, fleeting and conjured out of the private imagination, which only that listener can know. And yet, while "Shadows of the Soul" summons phantasms at once individually conceived, it also draws on archetypes as though Carl Gustav Jung himself directed the orchestra. Here is the eerie Neo-Romanticism of a new turn of the century at its best. Kersten always delights, and "Shadows of the Soul," complex and evocative, is no exception. "
- Guy de Broglia

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