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Song of the Forest

by William Kersten & Selene Delvaux

Released 2017
William Kersten
Released 2017
William Kersten
Trio for Flute, Horn and Harp
Song of the Forest, Op. 50 (2013)
"The Song of the Forest explores the sylvan delights of the woods. Just as a walk along some seldom-trod path leads one to the unexpected - a brook, a stone outcropping, or the hoary, moss-encrusted face of an aged tree - so too does Kersten's composition offer repeated enchantments, unexpected but encountered, nevertheless, with each turn of phrase. The masterful composer who consistently illustrates his versatility has given us the most outstanding of gifts with his Song of the Forest, a bewitching journey along a leaf-shaded trail."
- James Chenowith

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